Monday, May 25, 2009

Reflection on Spring Break...

Well, I'm actually a tad behind on this whole blog thing but I tend to correct that mistake.

Even though Spring Break was a while back, that doesn't mean I can't reflect upon it.

Anyway normally during Spring Break I usually just chill with my family and friends but this time, wait a sec I'm getting way to ahead of myself. Let's backtrack...

In band, every two years we take a trip, the first trip we took was to sears tower in Chicago and went to see the Broadway musical, Wicked: the wicked witches of oz. Now your probably asking why would band students go see a Broadway musical of all things, well it was my freshman and first year in the high school marching band and our theme of that year was based on the musical of the same name. So you can imagine when we went and seen it at the end of the year it was kinda emotional because it reminded me of my first year in the marching band and in the drum line. It was pretty cool hearing the music that we played that year... it was amazing.

Anyway, after a long a detailed back story,two years had passed and it was time to take another band trip... destination... Florida.

So the band and my family(they didn't go the first trip) went to Orlando, Florida and went to: Disney Hollywood Studios, Universal Studios, Island of Adventures, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, and EPCOT. It was pretty cool. And since it was a band trip, we kind of actually had to play so we went and competed against other schools in the united states and even Canada and won best overall. We got in the news papers.

Nuff said.

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