Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Holocaust Haiku

Well, apparently I'm a liar because I did say I was done with the blogs for the remainder of this school year... well, I forgot one. It's my holocaust haiku, you know, three lines, first and last line containing five words and middle line containing seven. Well here goes nothing...

I look upon the stars,
just hoping to glance upon a sign,
the sign from god, silence
Just to let the viewer know( I should let you figure it out on your own) but this haiku refers to a Jewish child in the holocaust wishing for a chance to be saved, only instead being greeted with the cold hand of death.
Well, that's officially the last one(I think).... so I guess I'll see you next year, thanks for reading.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Reflections on my Junior year... PART II

Here we are again... this is probably my last post of the year.

I told you I would be back on this topic again.

Well, last semester I said that it was a super rollercoaster.... I wonder what this semester was like. Honestly I have been pretty chill this semester, which is not nessescarily a good thing. In most of my classes I actually semi-improved on doing my homework. In one class though(THIS ONE) I got real behind because I missed and missed a couple of days( which I know is not an excuse) in English and then I was scared to turn stuff in because I was afraid it was wrong because I wasn't here to know what was going on and then it was like a really really bad snowball effect.

I hate though's.

So now, I'm praying to god( which I'm not religious by the way) that I can somehow pull a miracle out of the sky and get by by passing this semester. That is terrible, I know, who just sits back and whishes to just GET BY on a semester. The Answer. Me.

So this semester, especially the last few weeks has been uber upsetting to my psyche, health, and much more. I am really hoping to survive semester. I always do, but who knows the unlucky god has to eventually balance out the luck god ever now and then, but I hope its not this time.

I even feel like throwing up right now. Ok. I need to stop saying stuff like that or I'm going to be in a lot more trouble than I'm already probably going to be in in the next few days. So besides my ultimate peril and devistation from this Earth by the Annihilation that is my grades... the semester was awesome.

I became captain of the drum line( I told you Tanner). I got a super anvil lifted off of my chest and almost floated in the sky because of it. Oh...... I almost forgot, I can say those magical words now....

IIII AAAAMMMM AAAA SSSSEEEENNNNIIIIOOOORRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Wrestling Match

The Wrestling Match, a story by Buchi Emecheta, centers around a boy named Okei and takes place during the Nigerian War in the 80's.

Okei is of Nigerian origin and the story centers around him and his age group battleing the hardships of being young. The elders of the town think that the young age group(Okei's) is not as it should be causing violence and disturbing the peace. This and more set up the events that result into the story climax of the wrestling match.

This is considered a novel even though it is pretty much a short story. I honestly didn't like it to much considering there was a whole bunch of wierd names and it was hard for me to keep up with whom was whom.

So in the end, Buchi Emecheta might be praised by official book reviewers, but not this one. I rate that the Wrestling Match gets a two out of five stars.

pages varies


Night by Elie Wiesel

This book is the true story of Elie Wiesel when him and his family were in concentration camps during World War II.

It is truly a sad and distrubing story and real accounts of what happened there during that dark and infamous time period. The story follows Elie and his family being captured by the German army and put into concentration camps and the story of his survival(SPOILER ALERT: yes, his family doesn't make it out)

Everyone in the world, upon the right age, should read this book. It is very insightful in the ways of knowing what went on there and should be read by all. Elie Wisel has truly left me speechless.

This book gets a sorrowly five out of five.

115 pages

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Yes. Yes. Yes. I am one of those people. I read the Harry Potter series.

Actually I've only read Harry Potter 4-7. I never read the first three because I had seen the movies and didn't think I had to read them even though my parents bought them for me a long time ago.

So recently my brother has been checking them out of the library(even though I owned them) and reading them. He said they were really good, I believed him. I hadn't seen the first or second movie since they come out a long time ago, and couldn 't remember the plot or what happened, so I decided to read the first three, just to say I had.

So the first Harry Potter book revolves around Harry actually finding out that he was a wizard, the boy who lived. When he was a child Voldermort(He-who-must-not-be-named)killed his parents, but couldn't kill Harry for some unexplained reason. Now the wizarding world rejoicing from the evil reign of Voldermort ending, Harry, just a baby and now orphaned, goes and lives with his aunt, uncle, and cousin Dudley.

But Harry is thrust into an unknown world of magic and wizardy when he turns eleven and is invited to Hogwarts school of whichcraft and wizardy, where he learns of magic, gains friendship, plays quidditch and learns of his evil nemesis, Lord Voldermort.

I actually enjoyed it, but I don't know the differeneces from the movie because I haven't seen it in like five or six years, but I am sure I will watch it soon with my little bro. I can say though that my favorite of the seven is probably the Half-Blood Prince and the last one.

So... in the end I give this book a five out of five, which is probably what all of the Harry Potter books deserve.

309 pages

Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie by Jordan Sonnenblick

I like Drums. I like Girls. I like to occasionally be Dangerous. I like Pie. How is this not the perfect book for me.

My little brother brought this book home(from my school actually) right before spring break. He never really got into it and told me to take it back... so instead of taking it back I decided to read it.

I'm glad I did.

The book centers around a thirteen year old named Steven whom obviously plays the drums and he also has a five year old little brother Jeffrey. But one morning Jeffrey get's sick and it turns out he has Leukemia, which is no bueno. Now Steven has to deal with school, his awesome drum solo, girls, and his family trying to deal with the tragedy that has been bestowed upon them.

I really enjoyed this book, I could kinda relate to it. I mean, I have an annoying little brother, I play the drums, it just kinda fit me. So that's why I really enjoyed it, and it turns out, I already owned a Jordan SonnenBlick book called, Notes from the Midnight Driver, its good too, check it out. To me this book deserves a five out of five stars.

273 pages

Thoughts on the Holocaust Research

In English class, we have all been assigned a specific part in the holocaust to do a research paper on the subject and at the end we will individually do an presentation towards the whole class which improves the whole classes general knowledge on the whole subject of the holocaust(Whew! I said that all in one breath).

Anyway, the subject I have been tasked to become more knowledgable in is the mobile killing groups(or Einsatzgruppen). These groups were tasked with the elimination of the jews and others.

My thoughts on this is that it is honestly terrible. A man that could go through with so much madness consumed with an outlandish idea upon exterminating an lower race it perposterous. Clearly this man should have never been concieved( I hope that doesn't get me in trouble...). This man, this abomination is named Adolf Hitler.

That is my thoughts.