Monday, May 25, 2009

Reflections on my Junior year... PART II

Here we are again... this is probably my last post of the year.

I told you I would be back on this topic again.

Well, last semester I said that it was a super rollercoaster.... I wonder what this semester was like. Honestly I have been pretty chill this semester, which is not nessescarily a good thing. In most of my classes I actually semi-improved on doing my homework. In one class though(THIS ONE) I got real behind because I missed and missed a couple of days( which I know is not an excuse) in English and then I was scared to turn stuff in because I was afraid it was wrong because I wasn't here to know what was going on and then it was like a really really bad snowball effect.

I hate though's.

So now, I'm praying to god( which I'm not religious by the way) that I can somehow pull a miracle out of the sky and get by by passing this semester. That is terrible, I know, who just sits back and whishes to just GET BY on a semester. The Answer. Me.

So this semester, especially the last few weeks has been uber upsetting to my psyche, health, and much more. I am really hoping to survive semester. I always do, but who knows the unlucky god has to eventually balance out the luck god ever now and then, but I hope its not this time.

I even feel like throwing up right now. Ok. I need to stop saying stuff like that or I'm going to be in a lot more trouble than I'm already probably going to be in in the next few days. So besides my ultimate peril and devistation from this Earth by the Annihilation that is my grades... the semester was awesome.

I became captain of the drum line( I told you Tanner). I got a super anvil lifted off of my chest and almost floated in the sky because of it. Oh...... I almost forgot, I can say those magical words now....

IIII AAAAMMMM AAAA SSSSEEEENNNNIIIIOOOORRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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