Monday, May 25, 2009

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Yes. Yes. Yes. I am one of those people. I read the Harry Potter series.

Actually I've only read Harry Potter 4-7. I never read the first three because I had seen the movies and didn't think I had to read them even though my parents bought them for me a long time ago.

So recently my brother has been checking them out of the library(even though I owned them) and reading them. He said they were really good, I believed him. I hadn't seen the first or second movie since they come out a long time ago, and couldn 't remember the plot or what happened, so I decided to read the first three, just to say I had.

So the first Harry Potter book revolves around Harry actually finding out that he was a wizard, the boy who lived. When he was a child Voldermort(He-who-must-not-be-named)killed his parents, but couldn't kill Harry for some unexplained reason. Now the wizarding world rejoicing from the evil reign of Voldermort ending, Harry, just a baby and now orphaned, goes and lives with his aunt, uncle, and cousin Dudley.

But Harry is thrust into an unknown world of magic and wizardy when he turns eleven and is invited to Hogwarts school of whichcraft and wizardy, where he learns of magic, gains friendship, plays quidditch and learns of his evil nemesis, Lord Voldermort.

I actually enjoyed it, but I don't know the differeneces from the movie because I haven't seen it in like five or six years, but I am sure I will watch it soon with my little bro. I can say though that my favorite of the seven is probably the Half-Blood Prince and the last one.

So... in the end I give this book a five out of five, which is probably what all of the Harry Potter books deserve.

309 pages

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